Copyright and licensing policies

Copyright and Licensing Policies

Licensing Policy

All articles published in African Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Development (AJOPRED) are distributed under an Open Access Creative Commons License BY/4.0. Users are allowed to freely download, read, distribute the materials in any medium or format, remix, reuse the articles or quote the articles, so long as proper attribution is given to the original creators (authors and publishers). Articles may be used for commercial or non-commercial purposes. Users are free to disseminate the work to colleagues or wider scientific community. By submitting their article, the author(s) grant publisher permission to publish, including displaying, storing, copying, and reusing their content.


Copyright Policy

Unless stated otherwise, authors of articles published in the AJOPRED retain their copyright, with the exception of third-party images and other materials added by the publisher, which are subject to copyright from their respective owners. Therefore, authors are free to disseminate and republish their articles, subject to any requirements of third-party copyright owners and provided that full citations are provided to the original publication.