Prevalence and risk factors of hypertension among Fulani herdsmen in Rural Community of Nigeria


*1Shakirat I. Bello, 2Winifred A. Ojieabu, 3Ibrahim K. Bello

  1. Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Practice, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria
  2. Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Biopharmacy, Faculty of Pharmacy, Olabisi Onabanjo, University, Shagamu, Nigeria
  3. Department of Pharmacy, University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital, Ilorin, Nigeria


Afr. J Pharm Res Dev; Volume 8(1): 24-31; June/July 2016



Hypertension is progressively becoming more prevalent in Nigeria and has not been studied in some demographics. The purpose of the study was to assess the risk factors and occurrence of hypertension among Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria. A descriptive cross sectional study on hypertension was conducted among Fulani herdsmen residing in rural communities of Ilorin East and Moro Local Government Areas (LGAs) of Nigeria, from the ages of 18 years and above. The eight hundred and seventy–two (872) subjects used in this study were sampled based on convenience as dictated by the inclusion and exclusion criteria and availability of subjects. The consenting subjects completed a standardized questionnaire. Blood pressure, weight and height were measured and recorded using standard calibrated equipment. Descriptive statistics and regression analysis were conducted. Of the 872 herdsmen, 351 (40.3%) were aged 18–30 years and 632 (72.5%) migrated from the North–West zone of Nigeria. Almost all (n=858, 98.4%) of the subjects were ignorant of hypertension. Overweight and obesity were uncommon among the subjects (0%). The occurrence of hypertension was 17.3% with overall average systolic blood pressure (BP) of 128.8±12.3 mmHg and diastolic BP of 84.0±8.0 mmHg. Risk factors of hypertension identified among these Fulani herdsmen were types of diet [OR 0.578; 95% confidence interval (CI) 0.113–1.418, p< 0.028], smoking habit [OR 5.147; CI: 1.023–25.884, p < 0.017] and age [OR 2.656; CI: 0.682–8.556, p < 0.031]. Majority of hypertensive herdsmen were not aware of their status. Public health awareness on the risk factors of hypertension such as smoking and diet type is essential to reduce the burden among this population.

*Corresponding Author: