Volume 1 (Issue 1), 2004

Extraction and characterization of microcrystalline clellulose derived from Luffa cylindrical plant



Ohwoavworhua FO, Kunle OO and Ofoefule SI ; Page 1-6


Glucose lowering effect of parenteral dose of phenformin of expected low serum perturbations

Attama AA and Adikwu MU; Page 7-10



Mechanisms of theophylline release from encapsulated sustained release theophylline granules formulated from Abelmoschus esculentus gumapdf

Onunkwu GC and Udeala OK; Page 11-16


A study of in vitro adsorption of the anti-amoebic drugs: metronidazole and chloroquine phosphate on magnesium trisilicate, maize and Tacca involucrata starches

Chukwu KI, Ofokansi KC, Ogbonna O and Ibezim EC; Page 17-21


Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of non-biologically active by-product of Dracaena manni fruit pulp Baker (Fam. Agavaceae)pdf

Odoh UE, Ezugwu CO and Ebebe IM; Page 22-26


A comparative study of the in vitro adsorption of some drugs on activated charcoal pdf

Ofoefule SI, Ibezim EC and Orisakwe OE; Page 27-31


A hospital outpatients understanding of their medication instructions pdf

Okonta JM, Ukwe CV and Udeogaranya PO; Page 32-34


Patterns of drug storage in some Nigerian health institutions: A case study of Delta State



Ibezim EC and Anunandu L; Page 35-38


Antidiabetic property of Detarium microcarpium Guill and Perr. gum (Family: Caesalpinaceae)

Odoh UE, Ezugwu CO, Nwodo JN and Ajali U; Page 39-41


Disintegrant action of Pleurotus tuber-regium (Singer: Fr) powder in paracetamol tablets: Effect of compression pressure


Onyekweli AO, Iwuagwu MA, Okore VC and Nwabuebo AA; Page 42-45

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