Volume 5 (Issue 1), 2013

Medication Adherence and Its Correlates in Hypertensive Patients
Vol. 5 No.1 pp.8-10 (2013)

Aghoja OC, Adje UD, Arute JE, Aknonghrere RO, Ekwuabu CP; Page 1-7


A New Prenylated Chalcone from the Stem-bark of Lonchocarpus Sericeus Poir (Papilionaceae)Vol. 5 No.1 pp.8-10 (2013)

Abdullahi SM,  Musa AM,  Abdullahi MI,  Sani YM and Sule MI;  Page 8-10


Self-Medication Practices Among Adults in Delta State, NigeriVol. 5 No.1 pp.8-10 (2013)a

Arute J E, Adje UD, Akonoghrere R and Akpoh SO; Page 11-16


Preliminary Investigation of The Properties Of Diclofenac Potassium In SRMS-Based Tablets Vol. 5 No.1 pp.8-10 (2013)

Chime SA, Onyishi IV, Attama AA, Onunkwo GC; Page 17-24


Characterization and Antimicrobial Evaluation of Epiafzelechin from the Stem Bark of Calliandra Surinamensis Benth Vol. 5 No.1 pp.8-10 (2013)

Iftikhar A, Falodun A, Josephs GC, Hussain H, Karsten U and Langer P; Page 25-29


Evaluation of Antifungal Activities of the Crude Leaf Extracts of Mitracarpus Vilosus Vol. 5 No.1 pp.8-10 (2013)

Asogwa SI, Mbah CC, Attama AA, Okore VC; Page 30-35


Phytochemical Screening and the Antimicrobial Properties of Acalypha Hispida Burm. F. (Euphorbiaceae). Vol. 5 No.1 pp.8-10 (2013)

Osarumwense PO and Okunrobo LO; Page 36-39


Flavonoids from the leaves of Physalis Angulata Linn

Vol. 5 No.1 pp.8-10 (2013)

Augustine AA and Ufuoma O; Page 40-43


Studies on Microbiological Quality and Stability of Folic Acid Tablets Formulated with Tapioca Starch
Vol. 5 No.1 pp.8-10 (2013)

Kubili M, Kenneth CO, Franklin CK; Page 44-51

Tableting Performance of Silicified Cassava Starch as a Directly Compressible Excipient
Vol. 5 No.1 pp.8-10 (2013)

Apeji YE, Ebenehi ID, Mohammed BB and Nock SI; Page 52-60

Phytochemical, Antibacterial and Toxicological Studies of Aqueous Stem Bark Extract of Boswellia dalzielli.
Vol. 5 No.1 pp.8-10 (2013)

Abdulazeez AT, Kabele-Toge B, Lawal M and Abubakar MG; Page 61-67


Antioxidant Potential and Quantitative Estimation of Content of Phenolic Compound in Crude and Fractionated Extract of Caesalpinia Bonduc
Vol. 5 No.1 pp.8-10 (2013)

Ubhenin AE, Uwakwe AA, Falodun A, and Onwuka C; Page 68-75


Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Hospital Pharmacists on Malaria in South – Eastern Nigeria
Vol. 5 No.1 pp.8-10 (2013)

Ogbonna BO, Ezenduka CC, Nwachukwu FF, Ilodigwe EE; Page 76-81


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