Volume 3 (Issue 1), 2011

Chemical Constituents of Pavetta Corymbosa Leaves


Ahmadu AA and Agunu A; Page 5-9


Attitudes of Pharmacy Students toward Patients with Mental Illness in Benin City, Nigeria

Ehijie FOE and Okpalla C. M; Page 10-13


Antimicrobial Activities of the Leaf Extract of Sansevieria Liberica Ger. and Labr. (Fam: Dracaenaceae)pdfa

Eze CC, Inya-Agha SI, Ezugwu CO, Ezea SE; Page 14-21


Antimicrobial Efficacy of a Syrup Formulated from Methanol Extract of GarciniaKola Seed

Ibezim EC, Kenechukwu FC, Odimegwu DC, Builders PF, Kabele-Toge B, Anie C, Igwilo CO, Otuu FC and Onyeukwu C; Page 22-27


Pharmacognositc Profile of Leaf, Stem and Root of AnthocleistaDjalonensis A. Chev. (Loganiaceae) pdf

Odoh UE, Ezugwu CO and Omeje JO; Page 28-37


AntiFungal Activity and Stability of a Cream Formulation of Mitracarpus villosus (Rubiaceae) Extractpdf

Arhewoh MI, Eichie FE and Iwuagwu U.N; Page 38-42


Evaluation of the combined antimicrobial activity of the aqueous and methanolic leaf extracts of Mitracarpusvillosus with amoxicillinpdf

Ofokansi KC, Eze AO, Uzor PF; Page 43-47


HIV/AIDS Knowledge, Attitude and Risk Perception among Pregnant Women in a Teaching Hospital in Southwestern Nigeria.


Ojieabu WA, Femi-Oyewo MN, Eze UI; Page 48-56


Effect of Locally Consumed Alcoholic Beverages (‘Burukutu’, ‘Pito’ and ‘Goskolo’) on Body Weight and Anatomy of Testicular Tissues

Wannang NN, Gyang SS, Banwat SB, Goncim HY, Mador ES, and Oni IA; Page 57-60

Diclofenac sodium-loaded chitosan microparticles: formulation, characterization and targeted drug delivery properties

Ofokansi KC and Kenechukwu FC; Page 61-70

Quality Control and Interchangeability of MultisourcedLisinopril Tablets Marketed in Nigeria

Osadebe PO, Uzor PF, Enwereji PO; Page 71-76

Comparative Study of a Cationic Liposome and its Pegylated Cationic Liposome for Newcastle Disease Virus Vaccine

Onuigbo EB, Okore VC, Esimone CO, Nworu CS, Ngene A, and Attama AA; Page 77-81

The Relative Cost of Antibiotics for In-Patients Treated in the Pediatric Ward of a Tertiary Heath-Care Facility in Southern Nigeria

Arute JE, Adigom DO, Adje UD and Ekakitie E; Page 77-81

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