Volume 4 (Issue 1), 2012

Phytochemical Screening of Pavettacorymbosa Leaves


Ahmadu AA and Agunu A; Page 1-5


Medicine Knowledge and Self-Medication Practice Among Studentspdf

Auta A, Shalkur D, Omale S, Abiodun AH; Page 6-11


Phytochemical Screening, Proximate and Metal Content Analysis of the Stem Bark of Psidiumguajava Linn, (Myrtaceae).pdfa

Okunrobo OL, Imafidon EK, Okoye KM; Page 12-15


Effects of Antimalarial Herbal Mixture (Abc – 123) on the Liver of Rats

Iliya HA, Wannang NN, Andrew MM, Ibrahim H; Page 16-19


Some Physicochemical Properties of Crosslinked Acacia Gum pdf

Mbah CC, Ogah JA, Builders PF, Kunle OO; Page 20-24


Kinetics of Degradation and Stability Studies of Cephalexin Suspensions Marketed in Nigeria pdf

Ofokansi KC, Uzor PF, Nnaji AM; Page 25-30


A Simple UV Spectrophotometric Method for the Assay of Hydrochlorothiazide in Tablet Dosage Forms and its Application in the Quality Assessment of Some Marketed Brands in Nigeriapdf

Odeniran OA, SamaliA, Mbah CC; Page 31-34


In vitro and In vivoAntitrypanosomal Studies of the Leaf Extract of Vitexsimplicifolia


Nwodo NJ, Agbo MO and Brun R; Page 35-40


In-vitro Antibacterial and Anticancer Evaluation of the Methanolic Root-Bark Extract of Persea americana Mill (Family Lauraceae)

Falodun A, Josephs GC, Okeri HA, Erharuyi O and Ogefere F; Page 41-46

Hydatidosis of Camels and Cattle Slaughtered in Sokoto State of Northern Nigeria

Okolugbo BC Enwa FO, Anie CO; Page 47-51

Application of Evangel® as Drug Release Retardant in Aminophylline Floating Tablet Formulations

Efobi OI, Okore VC, Ugoeze KC; Page 52-56

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