Volume 4 (Issue 2), 2012

Antidiabetic and Toxicological Evaluation of Aqueous Ethanol Leaf Extract of Mitracarpus scaber Zucc (Rubiaceae) in Rats.
Vol. 4 No.2

Abere TA, Doris NO and Raymond IO; Page 1-7

Formulation and evaluation of solid dispersions based on Eudragit RS 100 and PEG 8000 for improved delivery of trandolapril

Ofokansi KC, Kenechukwu FC, Isah AB, and Aniemeka OO; Page 8-17

In Vitro Antimicrobial Activity of the Extract of PeperomiaPellucidaL. HBK (Piperaceae) Leaves Formulated as Syrup.Vol. 4 No.2

Abere TA, Igboezue DI and Okeri HA ; Page 18-22


HIV Risk Perception and Condom Use among Market PeopleVol. 4 No.2a



Formulation and Optimization of Piroxicam Niosomes
Vol. 4 No.2

Onuigbo EB, Okonkwo EC, Obitte NC, Okore VC, Attama AA; Page 28-31


Evaluation of the Antioxidant and Hepatoprotective Activities and Micronutrient Content of Diospyrospreussii seed Extracts. Vol. 4 No.2

Ajiwe AC, Agbo MO and Nwodo NJ; Page 32-37


Evaluation of Student – Academic Adviser Relationship in a Nigerian University Vol. 4 No.2 pp.38-43 (2012)

Comfort NS, Musa AI, Asa Auta, Henry CN; Page 38-43


Attitudes of Pharmacy Students toward Patients with Mental Illness in Benin City, Nigeria Vol. 4 No.2 pp.44-48 (2012)

Ehijie FO Enato and Okpalla CM; Page 44-48


Cryptolepis sanguinolenta Root Tablets: Effect of Binder Type and Concentration on the Tablet Properties


Chime SA, Brown SA, Odilora OC, Chimene M, Anele N and Godswill CO; Page 49-54


Tableting Properties of Ageratum conzoides Crude Leaf Powder: Effect of Binder Type.
Vol. 5 No.1 pp.8-10 (2013)

Allagh TS, Bagobiri NB and Okafor IS; Page 55-58

Antagonistic Activities of Lactic Acid Bacteria against Organisms Implicated in Urogenital Infections
Vol. 5 No.1 pp.8-10 (2013)

Ayeni FA and Adeniyi BA; Page 59-63

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